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Declaration of the 4th Asian Conference on Sexuality Education Conference

Ref Number: ACSE2010_D1

  • Date13 Aug 2010
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  • AuthorAll Participants of the 4th Asian Conference on Sexuality Education
  • Topic Sexuality Education

Before announcing the Declaration, we wish to express our deepest appreciation to the three previous Conferences held in Beijing, Kaohsiung and Tokyo respectively, and all the participants of the 4th ACSE, including guest speakers, delegates, Organizing and Programme Committee members, co-organizers, staff and volunteers.

Due to cultural, religious and socioeconomic reasons, the development of sexuality education in Asia is still uneven. Many Asian countries lack policy direction in comprehensive sexuality education. The public’s needs and rights in sexuality education, particularly those of marginalized youth, females, vulnerable groups and minorities, are not fully recognized or adequately emphasized.

Economic globalization and the information highway have brought significant changes to society. Challenges to fundamental social values, family structure and function, and interpersonal relationships have created numerous controversial issues worthy of our reflection. Furthermore, the declining age of young people engaging in sexual activity, their increasingly open attitude towards sexual relationships, the growing phenomenon of compensated dating in the internet world, sexual exploitation and violence, and rising numbers of HIV/AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases, all pose challenges to our efforts in sexuality education and advocacy.

Embracing the theme of “Today’s Sexuality Education for Tomorrow’s Generation”, this Conference gathers presentations on the theories and practices of sexuality education from various regions, and facilitates exchange and exploration on the future direction of sexuality education. We anticipate that these enriching experiences will enable us to return to our own countries with renewed vigour and conviction to develop sexuality education in Asian communities.

We, the participants of the 4th Asian Conference on Sexuality Education, declare that:

We will uphold the goal of promoting gender equity, sexual and reproductive health and rights in Asia; through government leadership, decision-makers engagement and multi-sectoral cooperation, to further improve sexuality education strategies, advocacy, implementation and development of evidence-based programmes. Within the principle of respect for diverse cultures, we endeavour to explore opportunities for cooperation within our region, and to strive for the sexual and reproductive health of our fellow Asians.


13 August 2010, Hong Kong
All participants of 4th Asian Conference on Sexuality Education


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