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Common Cancers Suffered by Women

What are the choices for breast cancer screening in HK?

The followings are amongst the most widely accepted methods for breast cancer screenings:

(a) Regular breast self-examination by women;
(b) Clinical breast examination performed by a doctor or nurse in a clinic;
(c) Mammogram screening by using X-rays to examine the breast. The Women's Health Service of the Association includes a clinical breast examination by medical staff. Clients are also taught how to perform breast self-examination. If a breast lump is suspected, the Association can arrange mammogram, ultrasound or surgery referrals. For more detailed information on our Women's Health Service, please visit our website or call our FPA Clinic Services Hotline at 2572-2222. There are other medical institutes offering breast cancer screening programmes in Hong Kong. You may discuss with your doctor if you have a concern about getting a cancer check. For more information on breast cancer, you may also wish to check out the website of the Hong Kong Cancer Fund (

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