Youth Health Care

Service Fee

Consultation & Assessment Fee
Doctor Assessment (Youth Health Care)
$150 (Entitled persons) / $300 (Non-entitled persons)
Nurse Assessment (Youth Health Care)
$30 (Entitled persons) / $60 (Non-entitled persons)
Youth Sexuality Counselling
$130 (Entitled persons) / $170 (Non-entitled persons)
Women's Health Check-up (Youth Health Care)
Including taking of medical history, general physical examination (measurement of blood pressure, pulse rate, body weight and height; examination of the thyroid, abdomen, breasts and pelvis; auscultation of heart and lung), urine analysis (for glucose and protein), cervical cytology ( (liquid-based cytology)(where appropriate) and teaching breast self-examination
$460 (Entitled persons) / $610 (Non-entitled persons)
Termination of Pregnancy Counselling Service
Including pregnancy test, operation referral, medical assessment and counselling (twice pre-abortion and once post-abortion)
$630 (Entitled persons) / $990 (Non-entitled persons)
Medication & Treatments Fee
HPV Vaccine (9-in-1)
$1,800 (per dose)
Contraceptive Supplies Fee
Oral Contraceptive Pills (Progestogen-only / Combined Pills)
$50-$100 (per cycle)
Injectable Contraceptive (Progestogen-only / Combined Injectable)
$60-$70 (per dose)
Male condom
$40 (per dozen)
Emergency Contraceptive Pill
$60-$70 (per dose)
Investigation & Laboratory Tests Fee
Female Sexually Transmissible Diseases Screening 1 (Youth Health Care)
Blood Test for Treponemal Antibody by EIA and HIV Ag/Ab Combo
Female Sexually Transmissible Diseases Screening 2 (Youth Health Care)
Cervical Swab for Chlamydia Trachomatis and Neisseria Gonorrhoeae DNA by PCR, HVS for Trichomonas and Monilia
Youth Blood Tests
Complete Blood Count, Blood group and Rh(D)factor, Creatinine, Liver Function Test, Hepatitis B Antigen and Antibody tests

* Fees are subject to change without prior notice

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