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0-18+ Sexuality Education Newsletter "Don't Take Chances"

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  • Topic Sexuality Education, Family Planning and Contraception, Health Knowledge
  • AuthorEducation Division, FPAHK
  • Languagebilingual
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  • Category 0-18+ Sexuality Education Newsletter
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《Don't Take Chances》

To prevent an unplanned pregnancy, both parties should share the responsibility of contraception, including to understand the method’s effectiveness and safety, correct method of use, any side effects, and how to handle any mishap. 



/Find the Differences

/ Your Unplanned Pregnancy Index

/ Comparing Contraceptive Methods

/ Do You Really Know How to Use it?

/ Things You May Not Know about Contraception

/ When the Mood is Right, Who Will Go and Buy a Condom?

/ Solutions for Contraceptive Failure

/ When it Finally Comes to Termination of Pregnancy

/ Supporting Services