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Famplus2 Activity: A Family Treasure Hunt Program

Ref Number: FamPlus22017

  • Date1 Jun 2017
  • Category FamPlus2 Says
  • Targets Parents Public
  • AuthorEducation Division, FPAHK
  • Topic Family Sexuality Education, Puberty

Monsters invading Wan Chai? To promote family sexuality education, FPAHK’s youth volunteer team Famplus2 organized a “Family Treasure Hunt” from 8 to 25 April. 8 crochet monster “bobo” dolls handcrafted by a young artist, “la belle époque”, were hung on lamp posts at various locations on the streets of Wan Chai. Families participating in the monster hunt with their children searched for the dolls and read the stories posted behind the monsters. With the guideline provided, parents could converse with their children on topics such as origin of birth, protection of private parts and puberty changes. Families who shared their photos on Facebook or Instagram with the hashtag of #fpahkbobohunt would receive a souvenir gift and certificate. The families were also invited to join a luck draw for Tak Tak Kar Kar sexuality education dolls and sexuality education resources. 12 families participated and they appreciated the attractive crochet monster dolls and found the stories easy for kids to understand.

To kick off the Treasure Hunt on 8 April, a Family Sexuality Education Day was held at the Association’s Activity & Resource Centre (ARC). 28 participants enjoyed the interactive games, a parent talk, a mini exhibition on “Origin of Life”, and a blind drawing activity. The families were impressed by the ARC collection of sexuality education resources for children of all ages. They expressed that they gained a deeper understanding of the ARC services. Overall, the activity was well received by parents and the number of followers of the FPAHK Facebook page increased notably.