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Election of Youth Council Members

Ref Number: ESEAOR200512a

  • Date1 Dec 2005
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Two more youth representatives (aged 18-30) were elected to the Council of The Family Planning Association of Hong Kong at the Annual General Meeting in December 2005, raising the number of youth Council members from 4 to 6. This also represents a 23% youth participation at the Association’s highest policy-making level. A Youth Representative Election Forum was first held prior to the AGM. All qualified youth candidates introduced themselves and answered questions raised by the other youth volunteers. The youth representatives were then selected by ballot among the youth volunteers, and the nominees with the highest votes stood for election to the Council alongside other adult members. The Youth Representative Election received enthusiastic support from our youth volunteers, recording an attendance of 72% at the Forum and a voting rate of 96%. Their presence on the Council is a recognition of youth involvement in decision-making and governance of the Association.