Archy’s smile has faded away

Sponsored by Gilead Sciences, Inc., The Association set up a new Interactive Floor Projection Game: “Archy’s smile has faded away” at the Activity and Resource Centre (ARC), to promote the awareness of the public to the HIV-infected person, and reduce the prejudice against them. The Association’s Education Division also held a parent-child sexuality education program: “Family Detective – Be a little detective of Sex Edu”, to acquire sexuality education knowledge from games and activities.


Archy’s smile has faded away” Game Introduction:

Like many of us, Archy likes having hotpot with friends in Hong Kong style restaurants, goes hiking on weekends, enjoys the night view once in a while, and takes up volunteer work.


Since Archy has been infected with HIV, his life has dramatic changes, his big smile has faded away……


In fact, there is no risk of getting HIV from regular social contacts. Archy deserves a vivid life, just like you and me. Let’s be friends with Achy, help him bring his smile back by completing the tasks!

Parent-child sexuality education program: “Family Detective Game – Be a little detective of Sex Edu”

The Association successfully held a program titled “Family Detective Game – Be a little detective of Sex Edu” on 13 August, with seven pairs of parent-child detectives, they went through different difficult tasks to seek sex-related information they need in life. Participants agreed that the program helped both parents and child to gain knowledge on sexuality, and some pointed out that this program reminded them children and adolescents should also be equipped with information about sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and HIV/AIDs.