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Know more about Sexuality Education (2)

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Before implementing sexuality education, sex educator must fulfill 3 basic requisites: ASK (ASK is an abbreviation for Attitude, Skill and Knowledge)

A-Attitudes: Establish positive attitudes towards sexuality

  1. To reflect on and accept your attitudes towards sexuality as well as to understand what may influence on one’s attitudes. (e.g. culture, society, religion, special experiences, mass media, etc.)
  2. To respect and accept sex attitudes of others and to provide target group with comprehensive knowledge and different point of views regarding sexuality.
  3. The criteria for positive attitudes towards sexuality including: healthy, equality, be responsible and open-minded.

Healthy: Accept sexuality is non-separable from our lives. Also accept our sexuality, sexual needs and feelings;

Equality: Respect everyone’s sexual rights and choice. Don’t exploit, use, endanger or manipulate others;

Be Responsible: Handle your sexual feelings appropriately. Also reflect on the consequences of having sex and take the responsibility;

Be Open-minded: Respect the views of others regardless of personal experience and prejudice;

Sex educator with positive sex attitudes is believed to be more articulate and can overcome difficulties in implementing sexuality education. By raising the ability to discuss sex issues with others, one may gain trust from target client and the latter may ask for assistance more willingly. It may also help target client to develop critical thinking by not imposing one’s value on them.

S-Skills: A good grasp of implementation skills

  1. To know the background and needs of target client: It helps to design appropriate program content
  2. Program design according to different perspectives: To simply provide knowledge? To establish positive attitudes and values? To help develop skills?
  3. Understand relevant resources: Make use of audio-visual resources to increase program quality
  4. Develop a natural attitude: With proper language, expression and communication skills

K-Knowledge: Enrich sex knowledge

  1. Know the right thing: Sex knowledge is the basic requisite for sexuality education
  2. Clarify misconceptions about sexuality: By having the right knowledge, it can help target client to distinguish misconceptions among friends and media.