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Reflections on Teenage Sex

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Young people develop a sense of sexual urge during the course of puberty. Hence, it is normal and natural for teenagers to long for physical intimacy. However, for those who approach sex with an immature attitude and those who don’t consider the pros and cons carefully beforehand, physical intimacy may abruptly lead to sex. Let’s reflect on some common errors young people often make in regards to sex.


  • Peer pressure & recognition: “Everybody’s doing it!” “I’ll be teased if I don’t!”

Sex is not a tool to earn acceptance or something to boast about. Don’t be a blind follower.


  • An act of maturity: “I’m matured enough to have sex! I’ll be a laughingstock if I’m still a virgin!”

Maturity is not determined by your sexual experience. In fact, it’s childish and immature to use sex to prove to others you are an adult!


  • To satisfy sexual needs: “”He/She makes me so high!”

Although sexual impulse is a natural human instinct, we are capable of controlling such feelings. If we only act on our instincts without giving proper thought beforehand, the consequences may be unbearable and we may have to live with the guilt and remorse for the rest of our lives.


  • Trade sex for love: “Sex equals love.” “If you love me, you’ll have sex with me.”

Sex does not equal love. Sex is one of the ways to show affection, but one should never use it to trade for love or to maintain a relationship. It is futile to try to fix a relationship with sex.


  • A single sex contact will not result in pregnancy

Every sexual intercourse may lead to pregnancy. There is no 100% effective-proof contraceptive method available right now.


  • “Sex is fun and enjoyable!”

It takes time for loving partners or married couples to adapt to their sex life, and learn how best to enjoy it. However, sex is not that fun and enjoyable if it goes under the cloud of doubts and uneasiness.


In fact, the word “sex” carries a neutral meaning and bears no good or bad implications literally. If you have to choose whether or not to begin a sexual relationship with your partner, be sure to evaluate your motive, responsibilities and your ability to handle all possible consequences before making a decision.