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Antenatal check-up is common for expecting mother to safeguard the health of the mother and that of her baby. It is equally important for woman and her spouse to have a body check-up before pregnancy to ensure that they are healthy for childbearing.

The Pre-Pregnancy Check-up Service of The Family Planning Association of Hong Kong helps couples planning to have children understand their health and fertility status before pregnancy. Common hereditary diseases will be screened and thus safeguarding the health of the next generation. For couples delaying pregnancy a few years after marriage, they can join the Pre-Pregnancy Check-up even if they have had physical check-ups before to ensure that their health is fit for childbearing.

The Pre-Pregnancy Check-up provides a wide range of medical laboratory tests among which the followings are of greater concern to the general public: Hepatitis B, Thalassemia, Rubella, Rhesus Factor, Chlamydia Trachomatis and Sexually Transmissible Diseases.

Pre-pregnancy Check-up Items Basic Plus
Male Female Male Female
Blood tests Complete blood picture, including red and white cell counts, haemoglobin level, mean corpuscular volume (MCV) and platelet count
Blood group and Rh(D)factor
Treponemal antibody test for syphilis
Hepatitis B antigen and antibody tests
Rubella antibody test    
Chlamydia Trachomatis DNA        

Cervical Screening:
(A) Service fee per item $325 - Cervical Cytology (Liquid-based Cytology)
(B) Service fee per item $800 - Co-test (HPV DNA
testing + Cervical

Semen Analysis  Sperm count, morphology and motility of sperms; semen volume and acidity test      
Sperm count, morphology and motility of sperms, semen volume and acidity test (performed by the HKU-FPA Andrology Laboratory as per World Health Organization Standard)      
Urine Analysis Urine glucose and protein
Pregnancy Preparation Advice  
Health Assessment Measuring body mass index, blood pressure and pulse rate
Package (1):Physical Examination and Consultation by Doctor
  • Explanation of lab reports
  • Examination of thyroid, heart, lungs and abdomen
  • Examination of reproductive organs: (a) female: breasts, pelvis and external genitalia; (b) male: penis and testicles
$1,000 $1,000 $1,540


Package (2):Explanation of Lab Reports by Nurse $750 $750 $1,340


Item Details

Important Notes for First Visit:

  • Blood Tests: free diet before blood drawing.
  • Our clinic staff will provide detail information on semen sample submission procedures to the male clients on registration date. Male clients are required to submit semen sample on another date and would need to deliver their semen samples to our appointed laboratories for semen analysis at designated time.
  • Follow-up appointment will be offered to you upon registration.
  • Service fees will be collected upon registration. The Association accepts Cash or EPS only.
  • For female client who have chosen “Pre-pregnancy Check-up – Plus”:  cervical cell and vaginal discharge from female attendance for laboratory tests will be collected on first visit. Female who are having menses or have never had sexual experience are not recommended for vaginal sampling. (Please contact our staff if you meet the above circumstances.)  

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