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0-18+ Sexuality Newsletter 005 "Becoming our own Relationship Planner"

Code: 018_issue005

  • Topic Sexuality Education, Love & Dating, Health Knowledge
  • AuthorEducation Division, FPAHK
  • LanguageChinese and English
  • Targets Public Counsellors Educators Couple Youth
  • Category 0-18+ Sexuality Education Newsletter
  • PublisherN/A

Becoming our own Relationship Planner

As a social being, all of us life in a web of relationships. Yet from different perspectives, what does "relationship" mean and how is it defined?

Relationship" is one of the core parts of comprehensive sexuality education. In this issue of 0-18+, we talked about different types of relationships and romantic relationships, and how to be your own best friend. Let's all become our own relationship planner!



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The Family Planning Association of Hong Kong publishes Sexuality Education Newsletter "0-18+" every year, aims to reflect that sexuality education is a life-learning process for enhancing sexual health of individuals aged from 0 to 18 years or above. 

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