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Last week, I used my sex organ touching my girl friend's sex organ. Although I eject sperm, I haven't gone into her sex organ.? Will she get pregnant?

Usually before ejaculation, the penis would secrete some fluid that contains enough sperm to make a woman pregnant. So if your sex organ has touched that of your girlfriend and although there was no penetration at the time of ejaculation, the chance of pregnancy was still there. Your girlfriend should go to see a doctor as soon as possible to confirm whether pregnancy has occurred. She can also buy the pregnancy testing kit available at drugstore and check for it herself.

If she is under the age of 26, she can go to our Youth Health Care Centres for assistance. For appointment, please call: Wan Chai Centre at 2575-4799, Mong Kok Centre at 2770-4994 or Kwai Fong Centre at 2443-2773. The Centres provide integrated medical and counselling service in sexual and reproductive health to unmarried young people under the age of 26. Please bear in mind that you should adopt effective contraception every time you engage in sexual activity.

I am 16, my period starts on 29/3, is it safe if I made love with my bf on 6/4? he ejaculated a little bit but I quicky went to the washroom and clean my body. Afterwards I went to buy the morning after pills. How likely will I hv baby?

Unprotected sex (i.e. having sex without using any contraceptives) are never safe even if you have it during your menstrual period. Cleaning your body after sex is not going to prevent you from getting pregnant. If emergency contraceptive pills were taken within 72 or 120 hours of unprotected sex, and provided that you had appropriate consultation and correct dosage, you can most likely prevent pregnancy, but still the method is not 100% effective, The treatment fails in approximately 1-3% of women using emergency contraception correctly. Another note is that you can get sexually transmissible diseases from unprotected intercourse. Using condom is an effective way of reducing the risks of getting possible infection during sexual intercourse. FPAHK Youth Health Care Centres (serving unmarried people under the age of 26) provide medical and counselling services relating to sexual and reproductive health. You can call our Youth Health Care Centre for assistance and appointment - Wan Chai Centre 2575-4799, Mong Kok Centre 2770-4994, Kwai Fong Centre 2443-2773.

I had sexual intercourse on the day of ovulation. My husband had used some influenza tablets for two days, will it seriously affect the embryo?

If you have sex near or at the time of ovulation, your chances of getting pregnant will be increased but it does not mean that you will definitely get pregnant. Even if you did get pregnant, the fact that your husband taking influenza medicine will not affect the fetus.

I've just finished my 3 injections of Hepatitis B vaccination. I would like to know when I'll be ready for pregnancy?

In order to make sure you have immunity to Hepatitis B before pregnancy, you can take a blood test to check for Hepatitis B antibody level 4 weeks after finishing the vaccinations. If the result shows that you have immunity, you can get pregnant straight away.

I have heard that a girl who is pregnant will still have menstruation for the first two months. Can this be true? When she noticed her period stopped and went to a doctor, he told her she has already been having the baby for 3 months. I have never heard of it before. But would this harm her or the baby?

If the girl was really pregnant, what she experiencing was not menstruation but spotting during pregnancy. Bleeding may occur during the course of pregnancy due to various reasons. If bleeding occurs in the first trimester of pregnancy, it could be a sign of threatened miscarriage. Therefore it is essential that every pregnant woman seek good antenatal care promptly to ensure her health and that of the baby.

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