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Report of Youth Sexuality Study 2011

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  • Topic Sexuality Education
  • AuthorThe Family Planning Association of Hong Kong
  • LanguageEnglish only
  • Targets Public Youth
  • CategoryBook
  • PublisherThe Family Planning Association of Hong Kong
  • Publish Date2014-01-01
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The Youth Sexuality Study (YSS) is a serial territory wide survey conducted by the Family Planning Association of Hong Kong every 5 years since 1981.  Marked by its long history and continuity, the Study is unique in showing the trends and patterns among local youths in respect of their sexual knowledge, attitude and behavior. The seventh in the series, and 2011 YSS polled around 5,000 youths in Hong Kong and is divided into three parts.  The first and second parts comprise school surveys of students in Forms 1-2 and Forms 3-7 respectively.  The third part of the YSS is a household survey of young men and young women aged 18-27 years old.

The key findings of the 2011 surveys have been released to the public. This report presents the data in greater detail and with more in-depth correlation of various factors which impact on youth sexuality.