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Sexuality Education Activity Book for Kids

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  • Topic Sexuality Education, Family Sexuality Education
  • AuthorFPAHK Education Division
  • LanguageTraditional Chinese, English
  • Targets Parents Children
  • CategoryBook
  • PublisherFPAHK Education Division
  • Publish Date2011-07-01
  • Selling PriceHK$ 38
  • Delivery CostHK$ 8
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After and , we proudly present , which is 24 pages, colour-printed, and suitable for kids aged 4-7 with parents’ accompany. There are 22 activities which covers 5 of the sexuality education topics:


My family and me
Chinese characters writing, Colors distinguishing, Counting, Origami, Drawing


Learn your body parts
Line drawing, Maze, English word circling, Curled line drawing


Boys and girls
Difference Recognition, Picture matching, Line drawing, Colouring


Origin of life
Calculation, Right word finding, Route drawing, Puzzles, Similarity circling, Nursery rhymes


Protect Yourselves
Answer choosing, Mistake circling, Order rearranging, Drawing


Through activities, kids can attain two objectives with one single book by acquiring sex knowledge, as well as developing multi-intelligence at the same time.

(Chinese/English bilingual version)