Family Mobile App Contest (2011)

In view of the popularity of smart phones, “Famplus2” initiated a project to develop a mobile app for youngsters aged 8 to 12 years to arouse their interest in acquiring proper sex knowledge. The mobile app will also help facilitate discussion among parents and children on the issues of origin of life and puberty changes. It comprises two games called “Hungry Sperms” and “Happy Eggs”, where players will earn points after several rounds of the games and their assigned avatar will “grow” with secondary sexual characteristics. Players may also post their avatars to Facebook so that their friends can follow their scores and how their avatar is developing.

The mobile app was pilot launched in October 2011 and will be accessible for free download in November. A “Joyful Family Contest” cum Fun Day was held on 16 October 2011 at a local shopping mall to promote the app. Ms Lee Lai Shan, Olympic Gold Medalist in windsurfing, together with her daughters were invited to try playing the mobile app on stage and share tips on talking with her children about sexuality. Six families participated in a contest with the mobile app and answering quiz questions on puberty changes. Dr Lee Ka Yan, well-known paediatrician and “singing doctor”, presented prizes and performed his signature brand of songs. On-site game booths and the Mobile Library further attracted the public and promoted FPA resources on sexuality education.

This family-friendly mobile app is the first of its kind on-line tool to help parents approach the topic of sexuality with their children in a fun interactive way.