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19 Oct 2019

World Osteoporosis Day: FPAHK urges elderly women who have suffered fractures to undergo bone density test

20 October 2019 marks the World Osteoporosis Day. The Family Planning Association of Hong Kong (FPAHK) calls for better public awareness of osteoporosis and its related fractures. FPAHK also takes this opportunity to encourage Hong Kong women residents aged 65 and above who have never undergone a dual energy X-Ray absorptiometry (DXA) bone densitometry test nor osteoporosis treatment to participate in the “Every Bone Counts” 3-year program, funded by the Community Chest of Hong Kong. Since 2017, “Every Bone Counts” has provided DXA test to 1,500 elderly women. This program will end in April 2020 and eligible women can still call 5173-6313 to register.

According to the International Osteoporosis Foundation’s data, due to urbanization and ageing, one in three women aged 50 and above worldwide will sustain an osteoporotic fracture, which typically occurs in the hip, spine or wrist. 80% of fracture patients did not have a DXA test nor receive osteoporosis treatment after facture fixation. Osteoporosis is vastly under-diagnosed and under-treated because of a general lack of awareness of the association between osteoporosis and fractures. The enormous burden imposed by fracture on patients and their family has been largely underestimated by the public. After one fracture, the risk for another fracture will double. One year after hip fracture, approximately one third of the patients will become totally dependent on assisted living or nursing home care, and another one quarter will die.

The “Every Bone Counts” program is provided at the FPAHK’s Wan Chai Sexual and Reproductive Health Centre. Participants will first undergo osteoporosis assessment by the doctor before they undergo DXA test of their spine and hip. After DXA, the doctor will explain the test results and offer bone health advice. The DXA test fee of $550 will be fully waived for eligible participants but the consultation fee of $200, which is not covered by the project fund, will be borne by the participants. Those diagnosed with osteoporosis or osteopenia with high fracture risk will be advised to receive drug treatment to prevent osteoporotic fractures. They can attend FPAHK’s Menopause Clinics for follow-up treatment, with fees charged according to the standard rate at FPAHK.

Osteoporosis prevention should start from a young age. Women are advised to maintain a calcium-rich diet and get adequate sun exposure and weight-bearing exercise. They should avoid cigarette smoking and excessive caffeine and alcohol intake.

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