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19 Aug 2020

FPAHK’s 70th Anniversary IG Illustrations and Facebook Quiz Games to Reminisce Service Milestones and Iconic Jingles

With 2020 marking the 70th Anniversary of The Family Planning Association of Hong Kong, the Association launches two series illustrations and quiz games on Instagram and Facebook from August through December to commemorate its milestones over the past seven decades. 

FPAHK’s 70th Anniversary: Tak and Kar’s journey through service milestones

The series 【FPAHK’s 70th Anniversary: Tak and Kar’s journey through service milestones】débuts today. A total of eight illustrations featuring FPAHK’s sexual and reproductive health services in different eras will be published every other week. The first illustration titled “Plan Your Family” represents the birth control and family planning services pioneered and popularized by the Association in the 1950s-1960s. Click the links below the following images to view the IG and FB posts respectively (to be published at 5:00 p.m. today).

FPAHKs 70th Anniversary quiz: Sexual and reproductive health service milestones

Another series launched on the FPAHK Facebook features quiz games to test the public’s knowledge about the Association’s sexual and reproductive services and publicity jingles. 

Mention FPAHK and everyone - regardless of age - automatically recalls the family planning campaigns of the 1950s-1960s. One particular jingle from the 1970s is so familiar that the successful transformation of people’s concept of family planning over subsequent generations of Hongkongers is often ascribed to it. The first FB post, launched on 12 August, jogs Hongkongers’ collective memory of this jingle while reminding everyone to “plan ahead and plan it well”. Click the image below to view the post:

What about the other FPAHK services? The ensuing IG and FB posts will spotlight further milestones: sexuality education (from 1960s-1970s), pre-marital and pre-pregnancy check-up (from 1970s-1980s), youth health care (from 1980s-1990s), advocacy of sexual and reproductive health and rights (from 1990s-2000s), men’s health (from 2000s-2010s), subfertility and human reproductive technology (from 2010s-2020s), as well as two sets of longstanding territory-wide surveys on family planning and youth sexuality trends. Members of the public are welcomed to follow and share these 70th Anniversary posts on FPAHK’s social media platforms, cherishing our collective memory and raising our awareness of sexual and reproductive health matters. 

On a side note, Tak and Kar Instagram Page and Facebook Page publish their 100th illustration today. The post-90s loving young couple Tak and Kar address many common myths around sexuality, contraception, reproduction etc., and their humorous dialogue has even gained them a loyal fanbase.