Sexuality Education Magic Theatre on Cyber Love (2009-2010)

As more young people in Hong Kong experienced online dating and developed intimate relationship with their internet friends, the Sexuality Education Volunteer Group, Famplus2 worked on a drama production on the topic of online dating and intimacy. In order to arouse interest from the targeted audience of teens aged 13 to 18 years old, magic tricks will be added into the drama. Together with the post-drama discussion and self-reflection, it is expected that the audience will have a greater awareness on the risks behind and learn to start intimate relationship safely, realistically and happily.

With the generous support from Apple Daily Charity Fund, the drama performance was held twice in in Leighton Hill Community Hall on 7th Feb 2010 and 10th July respectively. A total of 189 people attended and they included secondary school students, teachers and university students. During the performance, the audience was invited to give advice or solutions to the characters if they encountered the similar situation. They actively participated in the discussion and shared their opinions towards online dating and intimacy. Most of them realized the risks of online dating and viewed it as unsafe and unreliable while a few of them accepted that online dating is one of the ways to make new friends. As revealed in the evaluation questionnaire, the audience appreciated the acting and magic performance of the volunteers.

This performance had won the Best Services Award (Children and Youth Services) sponsored by the Apple Daily Charitable Foundation in 2010.