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^HPV Vaccine

Older HPV vaccines (2-in-1 and 4-in-1) will no longer be offered to new clients

The pharmaceutical companies supplying the older bivalent (2-in-1) and quadrivalent (4-in-1) HPV vaccines have notified us that the supply of these two vaccines will cease. Accordingly, the Association shall no longer offer these vaccines to new clients with immediate effect. Nevertheless, we have reserved sufficient doses of these vaccines for clients who already received the first and / or second dose of vaccine in our clinics to complete their course of vaccination. Such clients are urged to follow the schedule instructed by our clinical staff and return to our clinics for their remaining dose(s) of vaccine on time. As the vaccines have limited storage life, clients who are late for their subsequent dose(s) may not be served.

Vaccination service for the newer nonavalent (9-in-1) HPV vaccine is not affected.

The Family Planning Association of Hong Kong
27 September 2018

# Faecal Occult Blood Test 

To complement "Colorectal Cancer Screening Pilot Programme" run by Department of Health, FPAHK offers "Faecal Occult Blood Test" to people between aged 50 to 60 and 71 to 75. For service fees, please refer to the tables below. For other details, please visit at: http://www.colonscreen.gov.hk

** Zostavax Zoster Vaccine 

Please click here to read the details of Zostavax Zoster Vaccine. 

The service fees below do not include the charges for contraceptives, special examinations and laboratory tests. Please ask our clinic staff for details.

Consultation & Assessment Fee
Women's Health Check-up
Including taking of medical history, general physical examination (measurement of blood pressure, pulse rate, body weight and height; examination of the thyroid, abdomen, breasts and pelvis; auscultation of heart and lung), urine analysis (for glucose and protein), pap test (where appropriate) and teaching breast self-examination
$510 (with Pap Smear) / $280 (without Pap Smear)
Doctor Assessment
Doctor Follow-up
Nurse Assessment
Investigation & Laboratory Tests Fee
Blood Test Package A1
Complete Blood Count, Liver Function Test, Creatinine, Hepatitis B Antigen and Antibody, Fasting Blood Sugar and Lipid Profile (No food or drink should be taken for 8 hours before blood taking)
Blood Test Package E1
Complete Blood Count, Liver Function Test, Creatinine, Calcium, Phosphatase, Thyroid Stimulating Hormone, Fasting Blood Sugar, Lipid Profile, Uric Acid and Vitamin D (No food or drink should be taken for 8 hours before blood taking)
Bone Density Measurement
Pelvic Ultrasound Scanning
Female Sexually Transmissible Diseases Screening 1
Blood Test for Treponemal Antibody by EIA and HIV Ag/Ab Combo
Female Sexually Transmissible Diseases Screening 2
Cervical Swab for Chlamydia Trachomatis and Neisseria Gonorrhoeae DNA by PCR, HVS for Trichomonas and Monilia
Faecal Occult Blood Test#
(Clients would need to submit 2 faecal samples to our appointed laboratories)
Medication & Treatments Fee
HPV Vaccine (9-in-1)
$1,300 (per dose)
Zostavax Zoster Vaccine**
$1,100 (per dose)
Hormone Medication
$100-$250 (per cycle)
Osteoporosis Medicines
$140-$380 (per box)

* Fees are subject to change without prior notice

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