Erectile Dysfunction Treatment

Suspension of Men’s Health Service

The FPA Men’s Health Service will be suspended from 20 April 2023 until further notice. Clients may seek service or assistance from other medical and healthcare service providers if necessary. We apologize for any inconvenience caused.

The Family Planning Association of Hong Kong
22 March 2023

Service Content

The Family Planning Association of Hong Kong (FPAHK) collaborates with hospitals under the Hospital Authority (HA) to provide a shared care programme in erectile dysfunction medication treatment for patients with erectile dysfunction.

Uncomplicated patients who have been prescribed erectile dysfunction medication from the hospitals can opt to follow up at our Men's Health Clinic once their treatment has stabilized. Patients who choose to receive treatment in the FPAHK clinic must have a referral letter from the hospitals to show that it is appropriate for them to continue with the treatment.

  1. Medical consultation
    • Measurement of weight, blood pressure
    • Urine analysis for sugar and protein
    • Monitoring of side effects and symptom improvement
  2. Erectile dysfunction medication
  3. Sexual and reproductive health counselling (where necessary)

Service Location

FPAHK Clinics Erectile Dysfunction Shared Care Programme Partners
Wan Chai Sexual & Reproductive Health Centre (9/F)
  • Queen Mary Hospital
  • Kwong Wah Hospital
Tsuen Wan Clinic

Appointment Tel.: 2572-2222

Other Shared Care

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