Cervical Cytology Follow-up

Service Fee

Investigation & Laboratory Tests Fee
Nurse Assessment with Cervical Cytology (Liquid-based Cytology)
Nurse Assessment with Co-test (HPV DNA testing + Cervical Cytology)
Consultation & Assessment Fee
Women's Health Check-up
Including taking of medical history, general physical examination (measurement of blood pressure, pulse rate, body weight and height; examination of the thyroid, abdomen, breasts and pelvis; auscultation of heart and lung), urine analysis (for glucose and protein) and teaching breast self-examination (please refer to "Health Info - Breast Problems and Breast Cancer")
Cervical screening:
Service fee per item $310 - Cervical cytology (liquid-based cytology) or
Service fee per item $750 - Co-test (HPV DNA testing + cervical cytology)
$300 (examination fee, without cervical screening) / $610 (examination and cervical cytology) / $1,050 (examination and co-test)

* Fees are subject to change without prior notice

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